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We share your social and environmental concerns and work in partnership with NGOs and other companies involved in social responsibility and sustainability projects. By supporting these institutions, we are helping to build a fairer society with a kind of employment that restores self-esteem and quality of life, while developing skills for people in vulnerable communities. Find out more about our social projects:


Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)

As the world’s largest medical humanitarian non-governmental organization, MSF’s  34,000 doctors come from a range countries and different areas of expertise to treat victims of natural disasters, armed conflicts, famine, epidemics, forced migration, and urban violence in over 70 countries. Find out more about MSF.

In support of MSF’s world-wide humanitarian initiatives, Global Translations has been a monthly donor since January 2010. Find out more about MSF.


Ayrton Senna Institute (Instituto Ayrton Senna)

Since 2006, Global has been offering special discounts on translations for Brazil’s Ayrton Senna Institute.This institution provides quality education for children and young people all over Brazil and helps change the lives of almost 2 million children every year. Find out more about the Institute’s work. 


Doutores da Alegria Clown Doctors (Doutores da Alegria)

This organization’s mission is to tour pediatric hospital wards to make the children laugh and feel happy for a while, not forgetting parents and medical staff. This non-profit organization visits around 80,000 children every year, in hospitals in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Belo Horizonte.

We began a partnership with the ‘clowns’ (from the organization named ‘Doutores da Alegria’), when they first published a history of the lives and careers of Brazilian clowns and comedians called “The memoirs of clowns and comedians”. Click here to see the project!


Disabled Children’s Association (AACD)

For the past 60 years, AACD has been assisting people with physical disabilities, seeing over 1.5 million cases every year. They rely on support from individuals and companies.

In August 2009, Global Translations helped AACD by proofing/editing translations from Spanish to Portuguese required to publish their book on music therapy and rehabilitation for neurological patients, which was coordinated by Dr. Marilena do Nascimento. Find out more AACD schemes for disabled people.



Reciclázaro Rehab -recycle (Reciclázaro)

Reciclázaro is an organization that works to reintegrate drug users and vulnerable people into society. They mostly raise funds by using new models of resource production that are beneficial to both people and the environment.For several years, Global Translations.BR has been developing gifts for our clients in partnership with Reciclázaro’s wood and glass technical training workshops. Find out more about rehab-recycle (Reciclázaro) 


Banespa Parents of Exceptional Children (Apabex)

Apabex supports the families of disabled people and provides support for people with disabilities to help with their integration in society. The institution is open to the community and has a specialized team running workshops, outdoor activities, arts and music projects, living space, occupational placement and follow-up schemes, alongside residency programs for adults with disabilities, particularly those who have lost their parents.

Global asked Apabex to make the gifts we sent customers in 2009 and our whole team joined forces for a project that gave recognition to the work of such special people. Find out more about the association.


  Craft Store (Armazém das Oficinas)

Armazém das Oficinas or ‘Craft Store’ is a brand for products made at the workshops of the Cornelia Vlieger Association and Dr. Cândido Ferreira Health Service, both based in Campinas since 1990.  For many years, both institutions have been working to help mentally ill people reintegrate into society.

Global Translations heard of the project and ordered over 750 craft-ecological items at a gift-item trade fair. After a visit to the store, Armazém das Oficinas supplied gifts for Global’s 2009 year-end staff party. Find out more about the work of the craft store (Armazém das Oficinas).


Rational Water Consumption and Use (C.U.R.A.)

Global Translation.BR’s CURA project has been underway at our offices since 2007 to reduce the use of water and help preserve the environment.

Water is essential for all living beings as well as being important for development and economic and social progress. Use water wisely!



Recycling is the mainstay of all work done by Re +. All of their items are made from old newspapers and the characteristic appearance of their products has arisen from innovative experiments. In order to increase the quality of life and futures for low-income teenagers, they were taught these techniques as a means of developing personal and occupational skills. Awareness of the need to recycle also shows concern for the environment: reduce, reuse and recycle.

In 2008, Re + used recycled paper to make an exclusive bookmark that we sent our customers as an end-of-year gift.

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