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Free translations

Free translations convey original ideas in a different language. We approach each text differently and we will leverage all our knowledge and experience to meet your expectations.

All our translations are checked by a team of professional proofreaders to ensure quality.

We guarantee you a translation that suits your style.


Certified translations

Certified translations (carried out by a state-government licensed translator) are officially recognized everywhere in Brazil and in most other countries too.

Under Article 157 of Brazil’s Code of Civil Procedure and Federal Decree 13609 of October 21, 1943, certified translation must be appended to all documents originally written in a foreign language in order to produce legal effects at federal, state or municipal level or  any instances of courts, tribunals or entities supervised or directed by governmental or public powers.

Legalizing documents from abroad, or getting certified translations from Brazil legalized for use in other countries, involves a number of procedures such as having signatures authenticated by notaries, registrars, consulates or embassies.

Find out more about legalizing documents.

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