All projects submitted to Global are analyzed by a highly specialized team, responsible for the selection of the professionals most suited to execute that particular line of work. Deadlines are controlled by a performance index, in accordance with the requirements of the IS0 9001 standard, guaranteeing our clients of the agility required for these operations.


Free translation

Aims to transmit the original idea in another language. All translations provided by Global Translations.BR are performed and proofread by professional native speakers, therefore guaranteeing the quality of the end result. At Global, you will find translations respectful of your text’s style, be it formal or informal.

Certified translation

The certified translation has public faith and is recognized among national and most international territories. Global also allows for the acknowledgement of the public translator, legalization of documents (apostille) and registration of both originals and translations in the Registry of Deeds and Documents, which is essential for the legalization of the document.


Grammatical revision

Our team of professional proofreaders ensures the fluency of both formal and informal texts, always considering that particular language’s grammatical rules, so that the text bears the credibility needed when presenting your documents.

Revision of content

Revision of documents already laid out, ready for printing. We work in partnership with your Marketing and Advertising Agency to ensure the final quality of your communication material and your publications.


Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation reproduces the speaker’s speech into another language. Via a booth for interpreters or portable equipment and receptors for the listener, communication is established instantaneously into two or more languages.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation expresses the message considering the speaker’s main points, since it is not done instantaneously. The interpreter takes note and communicates the relevant points after certain periods of the speaker’s speech.

Interpreters for meetings

The role of the interpreter is essential to establish seamless communication between people of different languages and cultures. This service is recommended for small business meetings, training sessions or foreign delegations visits.


Global relies on experienced and fluent professionals in order to guarantee the quality of oral comprehension and written reproduction of audios and videos. From interviews to shareholder meetings, we offer the same experience, confidentiality and seriousness as those who appreciate the aspects of efficient communication.


Combined with the services of transcription and translation, Global performs the subtitling of videos, generating a high-quality end product, enabling you to request every service from a single company. We are here to provide you and your project the most appropriate solution.


Professional training for groups or In Company through theoretical and practical training sessions in Translation, Proofreading, Finalizing texts, Terminology, Pre- and post-editing, Interpretation and Knowledge management in processes. The activities, group dynamics, lectures and exercises are developed for you, your team or your company to act with greater propriety in your daily functions.


Through online tests and interviews conducted by native professionals, Global is able to certify your company employees’ proficiency levels in English and Spanish and give advice tailored especially for the development of the language assessed. That way, it’s possible to assure the positive performance of your team in a globalized market.


Entrust your creation of texts in Portuguese and English in order to stand out in the industry. Our journalists and professionals from various fields in humanities, exact and biological sciences are available to enhance your strategy of informing, educating or entertaining your audience by means of structured and high-quality content.


If you are looking for a partner for specific or unusual projects involving Portuguese and/or other languages, please send an e-mail to global@globaltranslations.com.br and tell us what it is that you need. We will get in touch with you to talk about your request.