Global Translations.BR is led by its partners:

Virginia Randmer – Graduated in Language and Translation (Faculdade Ibero-Americana) with a specialization in Methodological Foundations in Translation (USP), Management of Organizational Transformation (FGV) and Knowledge Management (Fundação Vanzolini).

Caroline Randmer – Has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, majoring in Integrated Communication (ESPM), a specialization degree in Journalism (Cásper Líbero) and a Master’s degree in Publishing: Digital and Print Media (New York University).


MPE Brasil

Carried out by Sebrae, the Competitiveness Award of MPE Brasil nationally recognizes small businesses and small companies that are ahead in their field of expertise and promote the increase of quality, productivity and competitiveness by the dissemination of concepts and practices of management. Award granted to Global in 2009.

Best Quality

The award recognizes the following criteria of the company: Customer centric management, Leadership, Continuous improvement, Valuation of the team, Pro-active action and rapid response, Management by processes, Social and environmental responsibility, Focus on results and Development of partnerships. Award granted to Global in 2009.

Top of Quality

The award was granted to Global Translations.BR by OPB – Ordem dos Parlamentares do Brasil (Order of Parliamentarians of Brazil), after a selection process of the Federal Council of Honors and Merits, which analyzes companies with excellence in their quality from information from its clients, partners and suppliers. Award granted to Global in 2008.


Recognized in the market by providing services with a focus on quality, Global Translations.BR has been annually nominated for awards by bodies that operate in the areas of Management and Quality.


  • Brazilian Company of the Year Award
  • Brazilian Top Entrepreneur Trophy
  • The Winner Europe
  • The Bizz Trophy – Business Excellence


  • Quality Brazil Award
  • The Winner Awards Trophy
  • Brazilian Company of the Year Award
  • Latin American Quality Awards Trophy
  • Master American Eagle Award


  • Latin American Quality Awards Trophy
  • The Bizz – Business Excellence Trophy


  • The Winner Awards Trophy
  • Excellence and Quality Brazil Trophy
  • Excellence in Quality and Management Award
  • Small Business Award


  • Quality Brazil Award
  • Excellence in Quality Award
  • The Winner Awards Trophy
  • American Eagle Award – Corporate Quality with Social Responsibility
  • Top of Quality Gold International Award
  • Oxford Summit of Leaders and magnificent Socrates Award


  • National Reference Seal
  • The Winner Awards Trophy
  • Gran Awards of Quality Excellence and Quality Company of the Year
  • Latin American Quality Awards Trophy


  • Top of Quality Brazil Award


  • National and International Top of Business Trophy
  • Economic and Sustainable Development Incentive Medal
  • Top of Business Brazil Trophy
  • Brazilian Top Entrepreneur Trophy
  • Top of Quality Gold International Award


  • National and International Top of Business Trophy
  • Top of Quality Brazil Award


  • Brazilian Top Entrepreneur Trophy
  • Latin American Quality Awards Trophy
  • Top of Quality Brazil Award


  • Quality Brazil Award
  • Brazilian Company of the Year Award


  • Brazilian Top Entrepreneur Trophy
  • Latin American Quality Awards Trophy


Global Translations.BR gives back to the society and environment by acting in projects of social and environmental responsibility through partnerships with NGOs and companies that are fighting for a fairer life both through work that reinstates self-esteem and quality of life and the development of personal and professional skills of disadvantaged communities.


    APAE DE SÃO PAULO is a non-profit Civil Society Organization that promotes the diagnosis, prevention and inclusion of people with Intellectual Disability, producing and disseminating knowledge. APAE DE SÃO PAULO is one of the clients that Global serves with special commercial conditions with the aim of facilitating specific projects of the institution.


    Since January 2010, Global has been a monthly donor to Doctors Without Borders, the largest non-governmental humanitarian medical organization in the world. It has 34 thousand professionals working in more than 70 countries, providing aid to victims of natural disasters, armed conflicts, famine, epidemics, population displacements and urban violence.


    Since 2006, Global offers special discounts on translations for the Instituto Ayrton Senna. The programs developed by the Institute offer quality education for children and young people from all over the country and change the reality of almost 2 million boys and girls every year, offering them the opportunity to develop as both students and citizens.


    Doctors of Joy is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to delivering happiness to hospitalized children through the wonderful art of clowns. Global established a partnership with the entity for the publication of the project Memories of Clowns and Comedians, which has rescued the life story and professional path of Brazilian clowns and comedians, published in 2007.


    Armazém das Oficinas is the brand of artisan products developed in workshops of the Associação Cornélia Vlieg and of the Serviço de Saúde Dr. Cândido Ferreira, two institutions that work to reintegrate people with mental illnesses into society. Armazém das Oficinas was the supplier of tokens of appreciation distributed in the get-together of employees of Global in 2009.


    Reciclázaro is an association that works to reintegrate drug addicts and people in social risk into society. Over the past few years, Global has developed tokens of appreciation in partnership with the workshops of marquetry and glass of Reciclázaro, allowing people assisted by the association to receive technical training for the production of the items.


    The C.U.R.A. Project – deployed in the premises of Global Translations.BR since the beginning of 2007 – brings savings to the water bill and contributes to the environment. Water is essential for all living beings and is of vital importance to the development and economic and social progress of the country and the world. The rational use of water can avoid many problems. Cooperate you too!


    Apabex provides family support and direct assistance to people with special needs, promoting their social integration. The institution is open to the community and operates in workshops, placement in the employment market and protected residency programs. Global selected Apabex to create gifts that were sent to clients in 2009.


    AACD has been working over 60 years for the well-being of people with physical disabilities. Global provided the final proofreading of translations from Spanish to Portuguese of the book Musicoterapia e a Reabilitação do Paciente Neurológico (Music Therapy and Rehabilitation of the Neurological Patient), under the coordination of Dr. Marilena do Nascimento, released in August 2009.


Global Translations.BR firms partnerships with companies that make a difference, both in the market and in society.

Studio Panzarani & Associates

Global is the official supplier of translations for Studio Panzarani & Associates. The company, with headquarters in Rome and run by Roberto Panzarani, professor of Innovation Management, believes in the innovation of processes and the global vision of business, supporting companies that recognize the complexities brought about by changes in the professional scenario, and that work to adapt to new opportunities of growth.