Best Translation Software 2023: Top 7 Picks & Reviews

Maybe you’re studying a new language for a trip coming up, or you just need to read a book that’s not in your language.

Translation software can be so helpful for those needing a quick translation in a pinch, or those needing a more in-depth scan of content in another language. While some aren’t the most accurate, there are several good options on the market right now, and we’ve reviewed the options for you to find the 7 best translation softwares.

What is Translation Software?

Translation software assists users with the translation of written or spoken words from one language to the next. Some are more sophisticated than others and have computer assistance to make the translations more fluent.

How Does The Translation Tool Work?

When using translation software, you’ll notice that more advanced ones adhere to language rules necessary to make sense in each language (as well as having a general repertoire of the meanings of any word in a language). These rules are programmed into the software to ensure that proper grammar and spelling are used.

7 Best Translation Software 2023

  • Weglot: Best Overall
  • Translated: Most Affordable
  • SDL Trados Studio: Best for Freelancers
  • Phrase: Best for Workflows
  • Crowdin: Best Collaborative Workspace
  • Pairaphrase: Best for Large Businesses
  • Text United: Best for Continuous Localization


They allow translation into a target language from many major website hosting companies and integrate seamlessly. This can assist your company with application management and make the whole translation process much simpler.

  • Specialize in website translation
  • Free trial available
  • Integrate their application with your current website provider
  • Detects and translates any aspects of your site
  • Order professional translators and assign translations to specific translators
  • SEO optimizations in any language you convert to
  • 5-minute website translation with their free trial
  • Customers say that manual translation is still more accurate

Additionally, Weglot offers a free trial with a 5-minute website translation, SEO optimization, and professional translation on demand. We love that they specialize in website translation since this is a very common need.

Translated shines in the professional translation arena. Their complete translation environment offers human translation and a matching system that pairs your project with the right translator.

  • Translate software, websites, and documents in one place
  • Their T-Rank system matches clients with human translators
  • Professional translation services are provided
  • Software localization and translation APIs offered
  • Customers report some issues with official documents being translated in a compliant way

On top of this awesome feature, Translated also utilizes a streamlined dashboard where you can edit translations, use automatic translation, and enact translation management in one place. We appreciate their approach to translation quality, making each translation the best they can provide.  However, some customers have complained that accurate translations for technical documents were not provided in an adequate manner.

Trados studio is best for freelancers. It allows translators to begin editing translations and enacting translation projects with their teams. They keep previous translations handy and help with terminology management to ensure that professional translators have everything they need to provide the best translation quality possible.

  • Freelance translators can manage their translation projects
  • Cloud-based software
  • Translation memory software to assist with redundant translations
  • Free technical support with their services
  • Translation software is $408 per year
  • Free trial available
  • System crashes and bugs have been reported

This cloud-based software also offers a free trial and automated translations when needed. Their technical support has great reviews, but some users have complained that there are frequent bugs and crashes.

Phrase is best for project managers who work with translators. They streamline the workflow process and allow your entire project to be automated and tracked from start to end. We really appreciate their team-focused offerings.

  • Make translation workflows and automate translation processes
  • Free trial
  • Several different pricing tiers are available
  • Use machine translation, automated translation, or translation process workflows
  • 50+ integrations to plug into your current software
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Users report many errors with a machine translation
  • Mobile users report problems

The Phrase also offers several different pricing tiers to enable their services to be used regardless of budget. They boast many integration options and extremely beginner-friendly services. However, some users have noted that their mobile view is lacking and the automated translations can have errors.

Crowdin is best for collaboration. They allow their users to bring in a team of translators to use their translation management services or to hire from within and find translators within their software.

  • Website, marketing, and support software localization
  • Bring in your own translators or find a vendor through Crowndin’s site
  • Edit text to translate without coding, developers help with this
  • Many file formats supported
  • Translate text on images through their plugins
  • Free for open-source projects
  • Translators can collaborate on projects and vote on options
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Some complain that site navigation can be confusing

Crowdin also offers image text translation and “voting” for translators to decide which version of a translation would be best. They support most major file formats and don’t require any coding experience either. We would like to note that some users complain that their site navigation is a bit confusing.

Pairaphrase is a more generic computer-assisted translation software that offers features to tempt larger businesses. Their streamlined system helps larger companies quickly translate massive amounts of text.

  • Free trial available
  • Cloud-based application
  • Geared towards large businesses and enterprises
  • AI-based translation software
  • User-friendly translation tools
  • Translation software tools are apparently not compatible with lists and symbols

Pairaphrase are also cloud based for easy access, and they do utilize AI to help with terminology management and translation memories (the constant improvement of automated translations). Some users have noticed that symbols included in requests to translate documents are not transferred properly to the next language.

Text United is best utilized as a localization management system, assisting companies with staying updated on every site, in any language they might need. Most major content types are supported for translating services, and this assists with streamlining the localization process.

  • Professional translation services are available
  • Free trial available
  • Free file translation services
  • Excellent customer service
  • Translate any content into different languages
  • Continuous localization projects supported
  • No spell-checking tool

There are several awesome free offerings by Text United that anyone can use: their file translation service, and their free trial for automated translations. We also note that their customer service gets top marks. On the other hand, some customers have urged them to add a spell-check tool to help quickly identify errors that might be overlooked.


This article was first published at Bizreport, on February 26, 2023.


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